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spiritual practice

The Soul’s Voice CD Release Open House & Celebration

Online on Boxing Day – Get 2 Free Tracks from The Soul’s Voice!


Cloud 284

January 31, 2012 6 – 10 PM

Cloud 284 Winnipeg, MB

Kirtan concert in the temple devoted to employing five awesome musicians – Keith Dyck, Miriam Neuman, Leane Koss, Phoebe Man – and myself to record our group project.


Finding Your Voice Group Yoga Coaching for Women in Winnipeg

Six Weeks Starting February 2012 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Cloud 284
284 Arnold Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
7:30 – 9:30 PM

An intimate group coaching for women only.  Spaces are limited, early bird until September 8 only.

Map For Finding Your Voice Group Coaching for Women:

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Finding Your Voice is for you if you are…A singer looking for her real voice

A speaker who wants to chant

A writer who needs to get out of her head

A woman who is ready to get out of bed every day and fulfill her creative life purpose.

Done all this?  Could be for you too if you are now trying to have a voice in your personal life too.

Do you want to be part of creating something that doesn’t need you to join?  And won’t kick you out…

The Meaning of Kirtan

In the words of Dave Stringer

Kirtan is consciousness-transformative, directing the singers to vanish into the song as drops merge into the ocean. From a linguistic perspective, Sanskrit is the mother tongue of many modern languages, and a kind of periodic table of elemental sound -meaning.

The mantras are primarily recitations of the names given to the divine. But perhaps the true understanding of the mantras can be found in the sense of unity, well-being and timelessness that they elicit. The mantras quiet the mind, and the music frees the heart. Ecstasy is both the process and the product.

The primary musical feature of kirtan is the use of call and response, a figure that also deeply informs bluegrass, gospel and jazz. Kirtan is not a piece of dusty ethnomusicalogical taxidermy, it’s a living, breathing organisms spreading its genes out into the world.

The Bhaktis had no use for orthodoxy. They saw the expressions and form of the divine in every direction they looked. From this perspective, even music that cannot be characterized as traditional can still be expressive of the Bhaktis’ original intention.

Inquiring into the origin and nature of the universe, both Western science and Eastern philosophy arrive at the obstacle of the mind. How can the mind come to see beyond itself? Is it a matter of spiritual practice, or sadhana, or is it simply a problem of chemistry?

Everywhere you look, the mysteries deepen in unexpected new directions. Isn’t it amazing that you can now look at an MRI of someone’s brain, and see how chanting changes it? Singing, we move ourselves into a field out beyond questions and answers. Encountering bliss, the mind is still.”

Kirtan…sparks the joy in you and your voice through Sanskrit mantras and meditation – said to be the perfect cure to murky waters.

No experience is required to thoroughly enjoy oneself.”

Shiv Sitting