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oh my goddess

Live Kirtan Is Coming To Moshka Yoga Winnipeg

Breaking news is in! Moksha Yoga Winnipeg is going to host a regular live kirtan concert every second Saturday in their Winnipeg, Donald Street location where I have been playing for their live music (hot!) yoga classes.

All the dates are….

Now in addition to using Hollow Reed Holistic as a kirtan hub, now Moksha will be giving kirtan in Winnipeg it’s next big injection of kickass energy and righteous vibes, amen.

Personally speaking, I have always avoided the big and popular thing, which Moksha Yoga has been in Winnipeg since it took off some years not that far back.  Now they are nearly three locations strong, international and inspiring others to branch out.

But I’ve completely changed my mind and decided that if I got completely assimilated by Moksha Yoga, I’m o.k. with that, what a force, I can dig it!

I love meeting people that can take a huge risk in the service of others’ well-being and allowing their life to turn into the chaotic scene that running any business is, and the joy and bliss of sacred practices that are bringing this community alive, as are every great studio in this city.

I am loving the vibe of so many people in Winnipeg these days and feel like a thin veil of separation or disconnect has fallen, and there’s a growing inclination towards community.

That’s why it’s so important for us to actually get together….oh my Goddess: and in my opinion, sing, chant our brains out to beautiful sanskrit mantras that have become extremely powerful over sometimes thousands of years repetition.  We do have the power as a species for peace, but we do not yet have the intelligence or soul… the soul is rather damaged, disconnected, neglected, abandoned, sloughed off and in need of care.

Kirtan is a great way to care for yourself, because you give yourself joy, a chance to chant and get the invisible joy that is in you, to manifest into awesome glory.

This is a concert event, but fully interactive, from beginning to end you are engaged in the process of creating a completely spontaneous eruption, driven I swear by the mantras and the bliss alone.  I swear I’ve never been happier than singing kirtan, and surprisingly more so each time.

Musicians are coming forward one by one like kirtan soldiers showing up for their service,,,hmm wierd analogy, breakdown…getting late, happy for blogs, even though I have yet to alert a single person to the existence of this blog and the 65 million other things that I will eventually catch up with, or it will catch up with me and sit me down for a quiet tea.

The kirtan end, the kirtan beginning and the kirtan becoming…all one.

Kind love and