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kirtan music

Event Post Title: Brandon Kirtan July 19th at Sacred Tree Yoga with Beth Martens and the Kirtan Calling

Is For:  People who Want to Raise the Energy that Lives at the Base of the Spine to New Heights and Could Use a Little More Inspiration

Location: Sacred Tree Yoga

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If you’re not sure check out a minute of thiscloud_kirtan_06_2011 2 hour kirtan video.
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Kirtan concert – fully interactive live chant music that will rock your spirit roots to the ground and your .

This is an acstatic yoga meditation for your breath and voice, and will the raise energy  and give you great peace and joy while you total rocking.  This is not recommended as a bed time practice, there’s nothing sleepy about it.

Start Time: 19:15 – 21:00

Date: 2011-07-19

For Singers, Speakers, Writers and Women Who Want to Find Their Creative Life Purpose

Kirtan was a rebel movement in the 15th century of India and grew as part of India’s Bhakti tradition.

Today kirtan  has been adopted by many musicians worldwide as part of the modern-day yoga movement that is connected to living life with good health and an eye on human potential.

Traditionally a Sanskrit call-and-response chanting practice, the rhythmic and experiential quality of is sheer joy to share.  The voice is a vibrational sound healing ‘instrument,’ and it never fails to soothe the soul, help with grounding, ‘centering,’  and can lead to a profound state of meditation.

My style of live Kirtan music was born of eight trips to India, and embraces the traditions I experienced as part of spiritual journey I took in the Himalayas while at the same time allowing me to fully express my artistic and aesthetic self – it was a rebel movement after all, and remains a tool for me to be uniquely myself.

It is more accurate to describe a live Kirtan event as an experience rather than a performance because Kirtan depends upon the particpation of the audience.  If you have a desire to find your own voice, then you might know what a thrill it can be to feel the confidence, good self esteem and ease that can come from getting fully self-expressed.

If you feel that you have to find your voice, it’s because there’s so much tied up in this zone.  It is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the fifth chakra – the abilities to speak, sing, stand up for ourselves, align with divine will and get to the heart of how to play skillfully with our creative life purpose.   It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, many people fear public speaking, for example, more than death itself.  I stand for guiding people through experiences for exploring this unchartered territory that many never fully realize.  If you are curious about how simple it can be to develop a voice practice that will spill out and nourish all of the fifth chakra elements, then…

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