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The Soul's Voice by Beth Martens

The Soul’s Voice

On this new 2013 recording, I’m singing original music set to ancient, sacred Sanskrit mantras — inspired by eight trips to India. It is to soothe and inspire those brave enough to swim against the current at times to express and live their purpose, and perhaps on behalf of many. My highest wish for this music is that it could let up the stress of their journey, be a joyful channel for the voice and enable them to work more and more to their potential.

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The Yoga Lullabies by Beth Martens

The Yoga Lullabies

Beth Martens’ third CD, recorded in 2007 while eight months pregnant with her son, is a naked, back-to-the-roots collection of mantras that carried her through many of her life experiences with their deeply embedded Sanskrit grooves to speak for themselves. This 87 minute CD is perfect for a yoga or meditation practice, or for keeping one’s head above water during politically weird and spiritually interesting times.

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Where There's Beauty by Beth Martens

Where There’s Beauty

Recorded in 2003, Where There’s Beauty was a rising out of the phoenix record of Beth’s songs, a full production rendition of emotionally full and dynamic orchestrations with producer/musician Dan Donahue. Richly textured landscapes, in the traditions of the likes of Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell and the Beatles. create music that crosses wide lines of style and mood, and appeals to a large adult contemporary world.

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Living Knowledge by Beth Martens

Living Knowledge

Beth’s 1999 CD was recorded in India. It is a gathering of cooling mantras, drink-of-water melodies and a kirtan voice that will call you to sing. Call all and responding Yogis. Sanskrit selections from Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads are there interlaced with cosmic poetic reflections.

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